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Anal Sex 97 Color Climax January 1996 no full - porn Journal

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Anal Sex 97 Color Climax January 1996 no full
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Cee Cee magazine Color Climax Corporation - "Anal Sex" issue 97 Erika Bella as Katia A Hungarian porn star in the Anal Sex 97 magazine by Color Climax. Published January 1996.
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Sexy Party

Slavonic people have a certain reputation for their exuberance. This was true, at least, of Igor and Jovan. The climate of their country was rather cold, but this did not mean that they were not hot-blooded. The two friends were folk musicians, playing balalaika and violin, but they needed a singer. And when they found Katia, they decided to celebrate with Russian Champagne, rather than the traditional vodka that tends to flow like water on such occasions…
She made the perfect third side the to the musical…

…,”triangle” – not to mention a potential sex triangle and after a few glasses of the sparkling wine, the young singer began to feel quite dizzy – not to mention… … incredibly randy – which was Jovan’s intention. Apart from being stimulant, the Champagne also added a very nice flavour to a cock… Jovan was not content to fuck the new singer in her succulent cunny. He decided to change holes suddenly, but that was no shock to the naughty young vocalist. She had a very elastic anus which she was used to having invaded. She began to “sing” a song of pure unadultered ecstasy…

The action progressed in the same way as her first audition: quietly at first, but building up to a crescendo!
But the piece de resistance arrived when Igor suggested a sandwich. His proposal made Katia…

… feel quite dizzy with lust. She had been buggered before, it was her first double penetration, and she… … enjoyed the orgasm it brought her so much that she demanded more of the same treatment. This time, it was Igor who cunt-fucked her and Jovan, who got to… … fill her burning rectum. The result was another orgasm for the singer. “Let me suck you!” she entreated Jovan passionately. The head of his prick had a very nice flavour that was much better than when it had been dipped in Champagne!

“Now, you know what I want!” Katia announced, her eyes sparkling almost as brilliantly as the sperm the two men shot…
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